April 08 2021

About DEKO Tool Kit

Inspired by customers' feedback...

Recall the first time you used the hand tools, were you helping your parent closing up the leaking water tap, or assembling the new furniture you purchased from Ikea? Did you feel frustrated since those old, cheap, and maybe rusted hand tools were so hard to use and even hurting your hand? Some of you might have already sworn you will never touch the hand tools again, and some of you are still fine with doing home repair or renew work, it is all good. There still needs someone in your home to take the job since we know it is common to have something broken in our house.

For Whom the Tool Kit Designed...

Declare. This blog might seem like promotional but honestly we have been inspired by our customers’ reaction towards out hand tools sets and we can’t help but share the feelings and the thoughts of our customers. We received so much positive feedback from our customers and we want to share it with those who are currently hesitating to try out our products, and those who already joined our DEKO family.

Why Do the Customers Choose DEKO's Tool Kit?

We all know that there are so many brands selling tool kits in the market, so why we choose DEKO? We may simply divide our needs into 2 big groups: price and quality. Comparing to the top brands in the market, DEKO's price is quite affordable with guaranteed quality.

Provide several choices on tool kit. Briefly, DEKO prepared different scales of tool kits to meet different needs from starters to experts.

DEKO's Tool Kit, even perfect for showing off in your studio/garage. 

Even every set is different than each other, the core stays the same. The only difference is the number of the tools, in other words, all the tool kits are great on design, functionality, and details. Currently, one of our best sellers is the 168 Piece Tool Set which is perfectly suitable for DIY and home repair; another popular one is the 258 Piece Professional Set aiming to fulfill the needs of those handcraft experts! Check the links below.

168 Piece Home Repair Tool Set                                                       258 Piece Professional User Set

Photo provided by our customer--Instagram @lensy_terry

First, the appearance of the DEKO tool box, which is highly emphasized in today’s society, is certainly top-notch. We applied black and yellow as our theme color since these two are excellent couples, and the silver color of the metals are the perfect add-on. We are faithful that our industrial technician-style tool kit can be ranked high among all the tool kits about the outlook. Additionally, our official Instagram account was tagged by one of our lovely customers (@lensy_terry) and she offered us some pictures of herself holding our tool kit since she likes it so much! This is also a huge encouragement to us that our products are also welcomed and suitable for both men and women!

Photos provided by our customer--Instagram @lensy_terry

Second, the functionality of the tool set. So multifunctional! Most tools you need are all in one case, just choose the right tool kit that fit your requirements! With our toolsets, it will never be a problem to help your parent or yourself to close up a leaking water tap; Instead of using the tools that come along with Ikea furniture, you won’t feel fatigued by operating with DEKO tools with an efficient assembly speed. Certainly, starter toolsets can help with other daily repairs like fixing bike wheels, and the professional sets can even work with architecture. DEKO values the comfort feeling as the first point and you can tell it from the outlook. The bigger-sized handle with protection can reduce the fatigue from longtime use. Certainly, the tools themselves are steady on the quality. Third, the extra details. DEKO is always focusing on providing qualified tools at an affordable price, and this also helps us achieved the point about the reduced total weight of our tools so they can be carried around easily. Moreover, unlike many tool kits being sold at a close price, our tool kit wins on holding the tools tightly in their position. It is surely annoying when you open the kit and the tools falling apart. We can ensure this will never happen after you put the tools back in the right place.

Tools are always needed in our daily life, and you can surely trust us on quality by viewing the comments. We also get another female customer saying that she liked our tool kit as a present from her husband since she is a DIY lover. Indeed, our tool kit will be a good choice for different purchase needs.

Article credit : DEKO Social Media Specialist 

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